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In addition to creating and performing, another goal of PKDC is to bring dance to local, national and international communities in the form of workshops and residencies. See PKDC's Press Kit for more of what the company offers and check out photos from recent PKDC residencies.

PERFORMANCES: PKDC is available for professionally presented performances in a wide variety of venues. Our diverse repertoire includes choreography by Artistic Director, Patricia Kenny Reilly, commissioned guest-chorographers, as well as PKDC company members.  The Company can present shows 30 to 90 minutes in length.


POST PERFORMANCE Q & A: A question and answer session following the performance provides audiences with an opportunity to engage the dancers, and often times choreographers, in discussion. Topics can range from the choreographic process to rehearsal experience, teaching methods, injury prevention, etc.  An open forum allows for interaction that helps audience members and dancers alike grow together in understanding and appreciating dance.


MASTER CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS: PKDC offers a variety of master classes and workshops to dancers of all experience levels. Classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of its dancers, whether they are beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Dancers will experience the Company's athletic and diverse movement style through technical instruction based on modern dance principles, the introduction of material from our repertoire, activities and exercises that encourage improvisation, or any combination of the three. PKDC can also make full length pieces available to programs that wish to have its dancers perform our works in their entirety. 


SUMMER INTENSIVE: Designed for the advanced pre-professional and professional dancer, our Summer Intensive offers a variety of classes taught over the course of a five-day period. The intensive includes daily modern, ballet, contemporary, yoga and repertory classes taught by Artistic Director, Patricia Kenny Reilly, and PKDC dancers. Culminating performance takes place on the final day. Scholarships are also available.


LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS: For audiences interested in the process of building dance pieces, lecture demonstrations combine short dance presentations with an explanation of how PKDC dancers and choreographers work together to explore movement. Gain additional insight into the process through audience participation.


YOUTH CLASSES: PKDC offers classes to elementary-aged children, which serve to entertain and educate young dancers about the potential their bodies have for movement. These classes not only serve as a healthy and fun physical outlet, but they stimulate creativity and encourage cooperation and communication.  


UNIVERSITY RESIDENCIES: 1-2 weeks University residencies include master classes, lecture demonstrations, open rehearsals, repertory set on the student body, and a culminating performance(s) by PKDC. Performances are followed by Q & A discussions with the dancers and audience members. A one to two week residency is needed in order to ensure the students have ample time to absorb the company’s material in regards to technique as well as choreography and style. Most PKDC repertory pieces can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the university’s program in terms of number of dancers. Through personal interaction with the PKDC dancers and their participation in various activities, students will gain valuable tools to further enhance their dance careers. 

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